Historic collectible? Or training tool for terror? YOU MAKE THE CALL!

Traipsing across the internet is always a good way to kill time and always a great way to find something bloggable when life itself isn’t particularly forthcoming with anything interesting.

I, for one, am kind of dreading the next couple weeks. Not because summer is over* and not because the NFL regular season is starting**. No, I dread it because of all the hullabaloo that is going to be filling the airwaves as we approach the 5-year anniversary of September 11th. It’s not that I think we should forget what happened, I just know that the media is going to try and “take a new angle” on what happened and recycle the same clips and the same “experts” to basically come out with the same results: terrorists are bad and they don’t like us much. This is something I already know, so honestly, I think I’ll spend the day with the TV off reading my book on the Haymarket Riot.

One good example of the sort of thing I’m afraid of most has already happened – the 9/11 collectible coin. Truly an item of horrid distastefulness, it is a gold coin embossed with an image of the World Trade Center made out of silver “recovered from the ground zero”. What’s worse, the silver image of the Towers can actually be flipped up to stand independently, using the coin itself as a base.

You know who’s buying these? Terrorists, that’s who…evildoers who want the sick and twisted pleasure of knocking down their own scale model of the Trade Center containing actual parts of the building.

Obviously, the government knows this. My bet is that the “National Collector’s Mint” is a front for the CIA and that they are monitoring anyone who buys one as a threat to America. Rightfully so, if you ask me.

* Yay winter! Bring on the snow! Woooo!!!
** In which the Vikings once again raise my hopes to new heights during weeks 1-7 followed by the invariable backslide into mediocrity and disappointment weeks 8-17.


Grafs said…
This is, indeed, in horrible taste.