Live fast, post often, leave a good-looking blog

Well, I completely forgot to mention it, but yesterday was a blog-related milestone – my 2-year blog-iversary. Yes, as hard is it is for even me to believe I have been managed to go two years without completely running out of things to say. Of course, not everything that I have written has been terribly interesting but in going back and re-reading some of the old stuff I’ve re-discovered some things I’m almost proud of.

Another point of note about hitting the two year mark is that this apparently makes me an “old man” among the blogging community. Whenever I click through the “next blog” link at the top of the page* I typically encounter either:
  1. A blog in a language I can’t read

  2. A spam blog

  3. Or, more typically, a blog that has been started in the last 6 months.

Given that I’ve only been around for two years, this strikes me as a bit odd. I mean, if being two makes me old, does that mean my posts have to grow increasingly curmudgeonly and cantankerous with each passing year? Am I destined to become the Daniel Shore of – going off on a hysterical rant every day just to hear myself talk**? The thought of it sends shivers down my spine.

Now, let me tell you about how the Bush administration sucks…

* Which isn’t often, but occasionally.
** It’s not that I disagree with the guy, I’m just getting to tired of hearing him say “The Bush administration sucks!” every day. I just want to sit him down and say “Dan… you are talking to an audience of Public Radio Listeners…we already know this.”


RWA said…
Congratulations on your two year anniversary.

You're are exactly right about clicking "next blog." Chances are it's spam, old, or even pornography.

I have found that you find the "better" blogs by looking at the links on current blogs that you follow. That is much easier and saves going through all of the garbage.

And then you have the folks who say the same thing every day. There is someone who basically does what this Daniel Shore person apparently does. Every single day, it's some link to a Bush-bashing article on the internet, and he labels the link "Bush sucks."

It's a little scary when folks get obsessed with a single topic.