Quickie - A whole new meaning to the term "Broadway"

Like most moms of my generations, mine was a big fan of the movie musical “The Sound of Music”. So when I read that Andrew Lloyd Webber is planning a stage version of the play, I was a little surprised to read that he is searching for a “quirky, eccentric girl aged 17-21, a tomboy, not a conventional beauty” I assumed that he was looking for someone to play the role of Liesl. But no, that described what Webber is looking for in an actress to play the lead part of Maria.

Wait a minute, I’m supposed to believe that Julie Andrews was supposedly a mother figure to the kids when she’s barely a year older than the oldest daughter? What a load of crap. This is either a blatant attempt to land a young Hollywood starlet** or Webber's skeevy way of cruising for younger women.

** Now that Scarlett’s turned him down I’ll be he’s on the phone trying to book Hillary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, and/or the Olesen twins. Paris Hilton, no doubt, is his “safety skank”.


The Phoenix said…
Paris is never a safe skank.
grrrbear said…
It depends on how one uses the term. I was using it much like high school seniors use it when they refer to their "safety school".

...you know, the one they know they can "get into"?

In no waay was I referring to Paris as a "safe" skank. That use of the word would be like using "American University in Baghdad" as your safety school. Sure, you know you'll get in, but you don't really want to go there.