Weekend Guests and Businesswomen Gone Wild!

I’m a but rushed today and have nearly no lunch left as I spent most of it finishing up an RFP for the theater company*.

The weekend was fun, but crazy busy as I was hosting Mamabear Friday through Sunday, during which she drug me through the entire flea market that I went to with the GF last month in about 3 hours**. For comparison, when the GF and I were there we covered about a third of it in the same amount of time.

Then on Sunday morning I dropped her off, washed sheets and towels, and proceeded to wait for the arrival of TOWWAS, who is visiting this week to partay in Chi-town. I proceeded to give her a warm Chicago welcome by taking her to Market Days*** to show her how the boys in Boystown party****. The funny story is how the GF had no idea who TOWWAS was until I told her “You know, [real first name] is The One Who Writes About Science.” Suddenly, it was like she was hanging out with an old friend. Kind of weird how we feel we get to know people in blogd where they don’t give their first name or any information about vast swathes of our personal lives.

Sadly, I’m stuck at work finishing a project until Wednesday, but then TOWWAS and I will be exploring the city all day. Until then, she’s out and about on her own while I’m at work. If you want to know you’ll have to check her blog – I won’t know until then either. She’s got no excuse not to blog, there’s a computer in her room.

Meanwhile, until then, ponder this article I read in an e-newsletter today about the increasing prevalence of hotels reserving entire floors specifically for women traveling alone for business. At first, I thought this was sort of enlightened, but in a weird way. But when I read the quote about the “benefits” of staying at the Shula’s Patrician Floor I was skeptical:

"As an added amenity, Patrician Floor guests get free access to the hotel's Signature Room, Shula's version of a concierge room, which offers complimentary breakfast, Monday night football game viewing and a Wednesday night cocktail hour."

So, the benefit is that the girls all get to go down, drink and watch Monday Night Football? Doesn’t this increasingly sound like a pathetic attempt to ensure that young, attractive businesswomen are hanging out in the bar watching the game and getting drunk instead of an enlightened benefit for single women travelers?


* Ah yes, the glamorous life of board membership – no doubt KC knows what I’m talking about.
** She’s no spring chicken, but she can move like a gazelle when there are antiques around to provide motivation
*** Where the GF was working a booth
**** Complete with booths selling gay porn & sex toys, and a booth with a ring-toss game titled “Give a pig a pearl necklace”. No, the GF was working at neither of those – she was hawking free-trade coffee and chocolate. Very good chocolate, I might add…


KC said…
Sounds like a great weekend! You're such a social butterfly.

Yep, not only do board members get to do administrative work, they get to help the costumers build leather armor for the Greeks and Trojans! fun stuff!
Eve said…
My friend lived in the heart of Boys town a couple of years back. It was the best time I have had in Chicago. Ever.

A blast.
towwas said…
Yeah, I *could* blog, since I am right here next to the computer, and your computer even takes my camera's memory cards, and yet...I feel like taking a little blog-o-break. A bloggatical, if you will.
RWA said…
Private floors and special concierge rooms for the women to hang out, drink and watch the game.

Sounds like they're trying to avoid getting hit on while they're watching the game, huh?
grrrbear said…
Actually, they are "allowed access" to the regular concierge room - with the same hotel bar and the same MNF-watching fete's that the regular perv-y old businessmen will be hanging out at.

Hence, my skepticism about the "enlightedness" of this whole program.