Quickie - Not that I really wanted to be known for this

Ooo! Ooo! My blog is a semi-googlewhack!

Looking through the referral pages that people used to find me, I discovered that one of my old posts is the only result you get when searching Google for the phrase “Adult Film Oscar”.

Now I know that a true googlewhack only uses two words in the search phrase, hence the “semi-googlewhack” term coinage. But still, I feel pretty cool.

Although, given the preponderance of porn on the web, don’t you think it’s a little weird that I’m the only result? One would think that there would be a link to the AVN awards page at least…


The Phoenix said…
I agree...I would think a bunch of results would come up. Largely because many porn movies actually deserve an Oscar.

Also, a few porn stars are named Oscar.
Eve said…
I SO feel you on this Grrr. THe searches that lead to my blog are SO pornofied?!

Can't imagine how many erections my blog has murdered?!