Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Quickie - Yeah, good point...

You know, this is completely correct. If the forces of good had the eagles on their side the whole time, why didn't Gandalf, Frodo, et al so it this way?

(Just in time to throw your mind off the tracks for the evening)


towwas said...

Eh, I think Tolkien had some justification worked out - like, there was a thing about the eagles not being the servants of man (or hobbits or whatever). I don't remember what brought them around, though. My brother would know.

I'm sorry, was that totally humorless of me? The video's really funny. It couldn't end that way because I would've had to miss out on 12 hours of Legolas-n-Aragorn hotness, THAT'S why.

KC said...

Don't throw things at me, but after I saw the first one, I swore I wouldn't go and see the next two because I was literally bored to tears. But I guess enough time passed between the release of each one that I forgot the pain of the last because, of course, I went to see them. The second one wasn't quite as boring, the third one was actually pretty good. All in all, though, it would have been nice if it had ended like the Geek video. Yep.