S'mores = Warm, Chocolatey Crystal Meth

Things I learned last night:

  • One s’more is good; two s’mores are better; four s’mores allows you to finish off a complete Hershey bar.

  • Unpacking wet stuff from a camping trip always takes about twice as long as the initial packing. Putting said stuff away in its proper place, however, can take days.

  • Youtube is a force for evil time wastage. It is way too easy to get sucked into a world of very angry cats, Daily Show clips, and bizarre clips of strippers/archers.

  • No matter how good one’s intentions, sometimes you can’t get everything done in one evening. So stories from the camping trip will have to wait a bit.

  • Before he passed, Steve Irwin had set up a non-profit to help promote conservation and awareness of wild creatures. It’s called Wildlife Warriors Worldwide and I went over there to give a little donation in his memory. Sure, it’s Australian, but I just loved the Croc Hunter – he was fun to watch, even if you thought he was a little over the top. Plus, it’s still tax deductible in the US. [UPDATE: apparently the site is currently being a little swamped with love for Steve. Good to see but you might want to wait a few days if you want to give something yourself.]


KC said…
I love graham crackers; I love chocolate; I love marshmellows. But I don't love them all together. Weird, huh? Take away the cracker part and it sounds better, but then what would hold the gooey stuff together?

Yes, I waste a lot of time on YouTube, mostly watching cat videos. It's like crack... can't get enough. I put my first ever video up on YouTube late last night. No, it's not a cat video. It's my son singing a Beatles song.
grrrbear said…
Speaking of weird food combos, the GF and I invented a new sandwich while camping - the peanut butter, trail mix, and honey sandwich. Sounds weird, but tastes unusually good.

But it kind of attracks bees...fyi.