Even the weatherpixie knows!

IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!!!!


I *lurve* the first snow of the year. I ran out to Target over lunch to see if they had any sleds on sale yet but the bastards were still tripping over their stupid halloween candy. Seriously, it looked like Willy Wonka had sent a small suitcase bomb of candy and detonated it inside...fortunately, the candy shrapnel only covered a quarter of the store, and it didn't damage the walls in that corner, which were obviously shielded from damage by their friggin Christmas decorations. Honestly, who buys a wireframe light-up baby deer in the middle of October!?

Anyway, apparently sleds aren't in season yet. Probably for the best, by the time I got back to work the snow had ceased and there wasn't any accumulation yet.


towwas said…
Oh my gosh, snow, are you serious? It was 80 degrees here on Tuesday.
grrrbear said…
Yup! It got down to the low 30's overnight. I *almost* turned on my heat, but am trying to hold off until at least Halloween in an effort to maintain my cold tolerance "cool" factor.
Spice said…
We turned our heat on last week! And tonight it was so cold that I was shivering indoors. Which goes to show you that newspaper (or whatever they used in 1903 when they built my house) is _not_ an effective insulator!
J.Bro said…
We turned our heat on last night after a full day of stupid-headed flurries. I haaaaate winter with a passion so fiery and burning that it's ironic.