It's still better than Great Clips

Blogger is being a total doo-doo head this morning, and refuses to let me publish anything involving pictures again. So I’ve been foiled in my attempt to post the Blogfest ’06 post due to the presence of the foot picture.

Instead, I’ll have to rant about how much suffering I’m going through at the moment. This morning, groggy with sleepiness* I stumbled into the bathroom to give myself a trim before jumping into the shower. I’ve been cutting my own hair for a little over two years now, so I’m pretty good at it**. But the problem with trimming right out of bed is that the hair lies flatter than it does regularly – particularly if it’s been a week or so and my hair has some length to it***. So I often have to do a little touchup after getting out of the shower to get the one or two spots that weren’t trimmed enough pre-shower.

So, this morning after showering, I examined myself in the mirror – searching for where I needed some work. After identifying the targeted areas, I moved in with the clipper only to find I had given myself a complete reverse Mohawk. In my haste, I had forgotten to check the setting of the guard on the clipper and had inadvertently left it at “1”. Of course, once one trims down that far, the only thing one can do is do the entire head that way. After doing so, I threw on clothes and headed out the door.

Of course, the reason why I always do this prior to getting in the shower is because hair is really, really, itchy. And despite my best efforts to rinse off the hair from the second time in the sink, I failed to get it all and am now trying to make it through the day with the ever-present feeling like my back and shoulders are being attacked by thousands upon thousands of fire ants. It sucks.

The worst part? This isn’t the first time this has happened. One would think I would learn.

* As opposed to groggy with power…
** Plus, the GF got me a hand mirror I can use to see the back of my head – thus preventing recurrences of the “striped-noggin” so prevalent year-end 2005
*** Which in my case means it’s visible


towwas said…
I'm just so delighted there's a foot picture to be posted. Even if I haven't seen it yet.
Kay said…
Not long ago, I made a similar mistake while trimming my dog with electric clippers. Accidentally shaved all the fur off his chin and he looked like the man with "bitter beer face." Be thankful you weren't stuck with that look.
Spice said…
Oh yes, there is a foot picture - one taken during the GolfFest portion of BlogCon2006v2 right before we entered the spooky blacklight room!