Mommy? Can I wear my hootchie mama outfit today?

Hey! Guess what is the number one search result on Google when you search for “argonautical”! It’s me!

Not that I really think the masses will now come in droves, allowing me to quit my day job for a life of pay-per-click ad revenue luxury. But I think I’ve cracked the secret to getting to #1 on Google – just try to be #1 for things that nobody would consciously search for! Now I’ll just have to write a book about it, then I’ll sell it via late-night infomercials…step #3 = Profit!

In other news today, a woman in Florida is hysterical that her seven-year old’s school picture has allegedly been Photoshopped to make the girl look like she has cleavage. Of course, nobody questions why said mother sent her little girl to school on picture day wearing a denim jacket with nothing on underneath*. Seriously, why do all the weirdos end up living in Florida? Are they perhaps being overly influenced by all the crazy old people retiring there and feel they need to emulate that behavior in order to be accepted?

* I mean, is it just me, or does she not look like she’s not wearing anything but the jacket? Looks like the next generation of Congressional pages is rarin’ to go seduce senators!


KC said…
It does look as if it's been Photoshopped, doesn't it? I'll be interested to see just how that photo studio intends to "recreate" the shadow when they re-do the pic.
towwas said…
I think she's wearing something under the jacket - if you look at the very bottom right edge of the gap, I think I see the top of some material there. May seem like an odd choice for a seven-year-old, but that's what they wear these days!