Plus, it's raining all day today

I’m sitting here at work waiting for the tow truck. I took a half-day off this afternoon but my car won’t start, choosing instead to emit a rapid-fire clicking sound that sounds not too unlike a cricket whenever I try to turn it over. Oh, the joys of car ownership. And, since my shop is in the city and I work in the suburbs, the tow in will probably run me at least $100-150. When I talked to the guy at my shop he said that my instrument cluster is probably going out which means the bill will probably result in my first child being born into indentured servitude.

Still, I have to be grateful for the fact that my car at least picked the most convenient time to break down, what with me having taken this afternoon and tomorrow off, with nothing but an assortment of errands to run before then. It sure beats breaking down in Madison, during a snowstorm.

Plus, now I’ll have a rental car with a trunk while I’m running errands tomorrow to prep for the mother of all Halloween parties that the GF and I are throwing on Saturday. Just think of how much more booze I’ll be able to bring home now! Jeepers, this is great!

Thanks Great Pumpkin!


The Driver said…
Sounds like a low battery.
grrrbear said…
Oh, I wish that was it. I've had a dead battery before, and I was getting too much charge. When my battery's dead there isn't even a clicking sound. But at least I had the tow truck guy was friendly. For some reason it just makes it a little less of a pain if the guy is friendly and lets you watch him work.