All those suits in finance can finally cut loose!

Among the interesting new technologies that will change our lives in 2007* is this idea of removable tattoos. Made of biodigestible ink that can be released into the body (thus removing the tattoo) with a simple laser treatment, these new inks will finally knock down that last barrier stopping us all from running out and marking our individuality all over ourselves a la Jesse James**.

But the thing I found most amusing? The accompanying picture showing the nebbishy tax accountant flexing his “guns” in a desperate attempt to impress the totally hot tattoo artist. You can see it all in his facial expression – a look that says “Yeah baby, now that this removable ink is out I can finally roll out the crazy fun times while still maintaining my mad risk-averse street cred with my CPA homies! Plus, this chick totally wants me, I can *so* tell… Woot!”

The hot tattoo woman though, is probably thinking “Hmmm…I wonder if he can tell that these highlights aren’t natural?”

* Why is it that all the life-changing ones never come out until next year? Wait, was Tickle-Me-Elmo TMX supposed to be life-changing? Crap! No wonder everyone wants one…
** The biker dude, not the cowboy outlaw.


The Phoenix said…
I have a totally different take on his facial expression. It looks more like:

"Ouch...that hurts so damn bad. Don't cry...don't cry....don't cry...Mommy!"
MKD said…
I think you would be surprised at how many suits already have a tattoo (or two) that aren't in magic ink.

The whole stereotype of only biker dudes and ex-cons being inked up has changed in the last 10 years.

Take me for example - upon meeting me no one would ever think that I would be the "type" to have a tattoo - yet I do.
grrrbear said…
Oh I know that lots of folks out there have privately declared their inner rebellion via carefully secluded inkings. IN fact I know of several of my regulars here who sport one (you know who you are...).

I'm just thinking that since there's no reason why anyone wouldn't get one now (given the lack of permanence) I figure I'll be the only person in America without one by year-end 2007. The reason? I don't like being stabbed thousands of time with tiny needles.

Nor do I like to taunt the tetanus gods.
KC said…
I have nothing against being inked, either permanently or erasable, I've just never been interested in getting one. The Boy sometimes tells me that as soon as he turns 18 he's getting a tattoo. As long as it's not around his neck, I guess it's ok. Actually, I'd rather he didn't get one (and I don't think he will). However, I'm all for him getting pierced any way he wants. Those will close up once he outgrows it.