Thursday, November 09, 2006

Buddy can you spare some time?

I’ve only been in my new position for about a week, but already my schedule is looking like it is going to get a lot crazier than I’m accustomed to. The worst part is not having a desk of my own at the moment. The desk I’m supposed to move into is still occupied by its current resident, and the desk he’s moving into was only moved yesterday. And, then, of course, there is the complex “Dance of the IT Folks” that needs to happen before my phone number and computer are moved to the right place perhaps as soon as tomorrow.

All that said, once I move in the next thing that’s a little intimidating is that my new position involves a lot more travel than my old one did. This is nice because it lets me save up beaucoup frequent flyer miles and Marriott points to use when the GF and I go on exotic vacations*. But business travel is rarely as exciting as pleasure travel, simply because you rarely get to see any of the interesting things. For example I have a trip next month that will take me from Cleveland to Detroit, stopping at six little towns along the way visiting suppliers. I completely intend to stop by the Double-Deuce and pick a fight with Patrick Swayze while I’m there**. At least I should have interesting stories from the road, given that with nothing to do in those small towns I’ll have plenty of time for blogging***.

In the end, it’s probably a good thing. At least I’ll have the time to go through and modify my blogroll while I’m crashing at the Canton Super 8. Sadly I haven’t had the time to remove some dormant ones or folks that moved**** and replace them with interesting new people I’ve found*****. Plus, I have so much reading to do on ya’lls old posts******…

* To places like Madison, WI
** It’s his way or the highway…
*** Prepare yourselves for long, detailed summaries of roadkill-counts and tales of roadside diners!
**** NWG, did you see that your URL got bought by someone promoting the Mirage in Vegas?
***** Amelie-Freak has *great* taste in music and Kay looks great as a dude
****** No, I’m not from the south I just find ya’ll a very useful term on occasion. Plus it makes me sound more friendly than I actually am. In reality I’m very mean. Hence the “grrr”.


Kay said...

Thanks! Will take a compliment any way I can get one, even if as a guy...

The Phoenix said...

I hate business travel too. The Detroit airport is pretty cool, especially that laser light show you get in the tunnel.

Cleveland sucks. My last trip from Allentown, I got stuck in Cleveland for 8 hours. The Cleveland airport is pitiful.

grrrbear said...

Amen to that. And think, when I lived in Cleveland a few years back, it was even worse.

Although, the Jamaican guy who does the paging does add a certain festiveness to the environs. Of course, as soon as you go outside and realise that you're in Cleveland and not Jamaica it's a big downer.