Catching up - Halloween

The actual Day of Halloween the GF and I put on our costumes and headed down to the North Halsted parade dressed as our childhood friend-selves: King Friday XIII and Queen Sara Saturday. Frankly, I have to say that our costumes were excellent, helped mostly by the full-size replica of Trolley that the GF found. We arrived too late to register for the contest but as we sat outside the fence watching the parade people kept coming up and asking if they could take their picture with us. After this happened four or five times, we decided to sneak our way up to the start of the parade in hopes of slipping in - figuring that our obvious popularity would so overwhelm the judges that they wouldn't notice two more people in costumes without numbers.

As it turns out, we didn't even need numbers. Once all the people in the various contests had passed they opened up the parade route to anyone who wanted to walk, so we made our way into the street, stopping to wave at the throngs.

Now, I could lie and tell you that it was a perfectly ordinary experience. That we walked up the 5-6 blocks, waved at a few people before heading over to IHOP for some stuffed french toast prior to making our way to the el stop for an uneventful ride back to the GF's house. But the truth is that it was an *awesome* experience. Literally, it was a life-altering experience. Now, when we came up with the idea of going as King Friday and Queen Sara, we thought "Hey, maybe a few folks will recognize us and they'll think it's funny." We were totally unprepared for the adoration we received - seriously, it was like we had suddenly been transformed into a late-90's boy band.

Everyone we waved at waved back, and most people recognized us. Granted, some of them took a few seconds before shouting out "King Friday!!!"* followed by the occasional "I love you guys!". As the GF said, it was about as close to being a famous person as I think I ever want to get. Sure, it was nice getting my picture taken about a hundred-and-fifty times** but in the back of my head I was saying to myself "I'm glad the fake beard and wig cover almost all of my face."

Of course, it also could have been that the GF just looked like a total hottie in her Queen outfit. I mean after all, it *was* the North Halsted Parade - and those boys do love their Queens.

* Except for the few who thought I was the Burger King. Honestly, people, I know I have a large noggin, but come I seriously look that creepy!?!?
** About 60% of which seemed like they were stereotype-perpetuating Asian tourists...honestly.


towwas said… Hello?
KC said…
Yes, pictures please because I cannot imagine what the heck you were dressed as. Were these cartoon characters or something?
...that's from Mister Rogers, right? My memory is getting dimmer...

But yes!! Pictures!!
grrrbear said…
I tried to put together some pictures that were suitable for publication yesterday, but they didn't post to blogger for some reason. I'll try again tonight but I'm not making any promises