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The last week has been a whirlwind of Halloween-related festivities (followed by much, much cleanup) plus some new craziness due to my having been promoted late last week. So most of my available time this week has been taken up with training my replacement before assuming my new position this afternoon-ish. I promise to get everyone caught up on what’s been going on as soon as possible – including me and the GF’s 20 minutes of life as famous people on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, to keep you all entertained, I provide a few neat things gleaned off the interweb:

First, a little something for my Political Science homies up in Madison.

Second, a little something for all of my guy homies who can’t get enough of the episode of Friends with the Princess Leia costume. (Not necessarily NSFW, but might raise some eyebrows).

Finally, ever wanted to take a cross-country road trip but never had the time? Now you can!*

* Well, sort of. It’s pretty obvious that this is at least somewhat edited to cut out long portions of dull-straight road, including probably all of Kansas. So while it’s fraudulent, it’s only a little bit so.


What a cool video! I love the way it ended...

But...my momentary distraction from the fact that you've been too busy to blog is over. Catch us up!!
towwas said…
1. OMG. Even including all the speeches going back 300 years, "terrorist" wins?? Wow. (Or should I say "the terrorists win"?)

2. Congratulations on your promotion!!!
towwas said…
Also, that is quite possibly the coolest video I have ever seen.
towwas said…
1. Again. Oh I get it. The terrorists didn't win - that was just one speech. Phew.