I'm handy, darnit!

This weekend I finally broke down and bought a rack for my DVD collection. Those of you who have visited my place have witnessed my old storage method and would probably agree with the GF that it was a menace to all mankind. You see I used to keep all my DVD’s in a cardboard box behind my living room chair. This worked just fine for the first few years until I had amassed so many movies that they started stacking up higher than the walls of the box, creating high probabilities of movie avalanches when they were tipped. Plus, it had become somewhat dangerous to try and pick movies to watch, since one would have to carefully disassemble and reassemble the stacks in the box while doing so.

Needless to say, I went for years without buying a real storage solution, for multiple reasons. First, almost all the racks I found were not big enough to hold all my movies. Second, the ones that were big enough were either behemoths or just plain ugly. So when I was walking through CB2 the other day and happened across one that was a reasonable size* and on sale I snapped it up. It was still almost too big for my car, and was a pain to carry upstairs and set up. But once I had finished assembling it and loading in all my movies, I was able to peruse my entire collection all at once for the first time in *years*. It was a magical experience.

Once that was done though I started second-guessing myself, and am now convinced that I could have built the same thing myself** with some lumber, a lazy susan, and a router. I mean, I have a lot of tools, and I took wood shop in seventh grade*** so how hard could it be? Naturally, when I told the GF about my revelation she gave me the same look that the mother of a 4 year old would give to her child who had just proclaimed that he could climb walls like Spiderman – the “Well, I know that’s impossible but he might look so cute while trying so I won’t say anything just now” look…

Still, I remain convinced. All I need is a garage that I don’t share and I’m totally building one. It might happen sooner than later because I’ve already pretty much run out of room in this new one with my current movie collection. But I might stave it off for a few years once the Hi-Def DVD format war plays out and I have to repurchase everything I currently own****. But then you just wait! I’ll built the most awesome media shelf in all the land!

* The secret was that it revolves, so it has two sides to store movies on.
** Only better because mine would have had DVD-sized shelf spacing on both sides!
*** Where I got an A, thank you very much. My mom still has the pot holder that I made.
**** Except for the crap movies that I bought only because they were cheap like “Serendipity” and “National Lampoons Repli-Kate”


Spice said…
You took wood shop in second grade?!?! Did you use special safety saws or something?

You should commission Master.P (J.Po's Pa) to build you a rack. He did a spiffy job with our compost bin in SF - compiled and prepared all the parts, and then shipped them to us with assembly instructions. Although I guess that'd put you pretty much where you're already at, save for having a pretty fancy pedigree for the design of your rack.
grrrbear said…
Oops. Correction, that should have read *seventh* grade. I was a handy youth, but not a carpentry savant...
Grafs said…
I'll but the DVD's when they settle on a format. I'd get all blue-ray and they'd decide on HD. Who decides this stuff anyway?