I'm trapped!

I was able to take care of all my business at the trade show yesterday so I called my corporate travel agent to see if it might be possible to switch to an earlier flight that would get me back home before it was dark at home. Of course, this being Vegas, all the flights are full. So now I have a couple hours to kill before leaving for the airport. I'm probably going to stay in my room as long as possible and then head to the airport. My flight leaves around 3:00, so that'll leave me with only 4 hours to kill while I'm there. Presuming, of course, that there's no weather between here and Chicago that might delay me.

Honestly, I'm kind of bored here. The GF has been teasing me when we talk because I'm the only person she knows who can be bored in Vegas. It's not that there isn't a lot to do, it's just that what is here is so expensive that I feel guilty doing any of it when I'm just here by myself. I'm also not a big gambler - maybe it's the pastors kid in me, but I just don't like throwing my money away. I'm a horrible card player, suck at sports betting, and my luck at the slots is temperamental* at best. And there really isn't a whole lot to do here by yourself outside of gambling and drinking. Sure, there are services that will send strippers "direct to you" which one would assume one could do by yourself. But I'm all skeptical of the flyer-hander-outer "services" now because one of them showed a picture of Vida Guerra**, calling her "Sam". So now I'm convinced that all the women in the cards are just pictures downloaded from the internet. In reality, when you call them you probably end up with scary crystal meth girls like this one, this one, and this one. Eeeek!

* After my $30 win on Monday, I lost $15 yesterday...so much for "manipulation of slot machines" being my mutant power
** A model made famous by FHM for having a butt that puts j.lo to shame


KC said…
Long ago, I worked in an office predominately made up of middle-aged women whose only hobby in common was that they loved to go to the "boat" and play the slots. They once talked me into going along and I resented every single quarter of the $10 I allowed myself to gamble. I hate throwing money away like that. I have no problem buying a couple Starbucks coffees that would put me close to the $10 mark, but give it away to a casino? No friggin' way!

By the way... those crystal meth girl photos were truly scary. Jeezus!
The Phoenix said…
Damn. Just say "no" to crystal meth.
J.Po said…
Dude, I'm with you about Vegas. Boring ... and strangely manipulative. Stay in your room as long as possible!
Sophist said…
I dunno ,I went to Vegas and enjoyed just walking around and seeing all the crazy sites. I also liked looking at the extravagant shopping, going into the expensive prada boutiques, etc., and gawking at the $4000 for a handbag pricetags, and gawking at the heavily perfumed people who bought them. Mostly I enjoyed looking at how over-the-top everything was, and I didn't feel too tempted myself to either gamble or spend money on expensive stuff.
Kay said…
My experience was a lot like Sophist's. I like meandering around, burning off my $1 frozen margaritas and people watching.