Live from the city of sin!

Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, I do have access from my room here at the Monte Carlo in Vegas. I've basically sat in my room since I got here because I've been unpacking and getting my suitcase brought up from storage (I got here before check-in). The 'net access isn't free but it's not unreasonably expensive. I mean, it is Vegas and anything but gambling costs too much, right?

The trip itself was pretty uneventful. Due to the last-minute nature of my trip* the only carrier that was selling tickets for less than $1100 was Southwest. As much as I appreciate the LUV, I really prefer not to fly them. You see, I love that they have forced the legacy carriers to drop their prices, and therefore have made it possible for me to fly pretty much anywhere in the US for a relatively reasonable price. But I prefer to fly United or American because in my experience, the people who fly American would otherwise fly United** but the people who fly Southwest would otherwise ride Greyhound. Their flights are so full of people who have never flown before and don't know where to go and what to do***. Case in point, waiting in the boarding lines for my flight, eight people didn't know that they were in the wrong line, trying to board with the B's when their boarding passes were for the C's.

Oh, and when we landed, half the plane broke out in applause. "Oh boy, Maw, we didn't crash! Yee-haw!"...sheesh.

But the excitement didn't stop there. Once I picked up my luggage I made for the taxi stand and got matched up with "Johnny B" who claimed not to have left Las Vegas in 29 years and was so hopped up on caffeine that he looked like an ADD patient who ran out of meds. He asked whether I wanted to go "the scenic way or the fast way". Not wanting to get taken to the cleaners for a cab ride, I said the fast way. In retrospect, that was probably a mistake. He proceeded to drive like a test pilot, dodging in and out of traffic, squealing through parking lots, and cutting off tour buses on the way up the strip. Scary? You bet. But I now have a whole new appreciation for life - in fact, I feel lucky.

I suppose I'd better hit the casino while my luck is still good. =)

* I didn't know I was coming until two weeks ago when I got the new position
** Or vice versa


towwas said…
Woo Vegas!! I still want a tool t-shirt, so keep yer eyes open.
Spice said…
I haven't flown Southwest in a while (they don't fly here), but I don't think it can be any worse than flying Delta Connection, which I've flown multiple times in the last few weeks. Uncomfortable seats, crappy snacks (cream cheese should not be unrefrigerated!), and just an overall bleechness.

I'm flying again in a few weeks and get to take Continental, which tends to be pretty nice in my experience. On the other hand, I think I'm actually flying like six different regional versions of Continental, so I might be headed back to Delta Connection territory.

Enjoy Las Vegas! I haven't been outside of the airport, but it sounds like there are a ton of good restaurants there, so you should be able to enjoy that even if you don't have time to have other kinds of fun!
J.Bro said…
Applause? Were the time-travelers from 1971 pissed that they couldn't smoke on the plane?
J.Bro said…
Spice - your Cartman is hilarious (although it's a little dark my first impression from his position and big eyes was something even less pleasant than being bedridden and ill).
grrrbear said…
No problem TOWWAS. I was looking at an "I support single moms" (with the sillouette of the stipper + pole) t-shirt just last night and thought it'd be perfect for you!