Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My brush with political fame...maybe

One of the more interesting election-related stories about my day yesterday was my running into Tony Peraica while I was out at lunch. For those of you not living in Cook County, Tony Peraica is the republican candidate for Cook County Board President. The board is basically a bloated arm of the Chicago Political machine that has a lot of money but little in the way of real power. It’s been run since the dawn of time by man named John Stroger, who suffered a stroke during the democratic primary and was hidden away from public view until after the primary was over and he was certified the winner. Then, when they finally admitted that he was a vegetable, the Stroger family finagled it so that Storger’s son Todd would replace his father on the ballot, instead of going with the other primary candidate (who only barely lost to Stroger). Ah, nepotism all around.

I was so disgusted by the whole thing that I actually voted for Peraica, even though he has a reputation as a right-leaning Bush-phile. And when I was leaving Portillos* I saw him entering the building followed by a couple handlers and a cameraman. He saw that I recognized him and spub all the way around to come back out, shake my hand, and ask for my vote. He seemed like a really decent guy, so I was happy to tell him that I had already voted for him. Sure, he’s a republican, but like I said, the county board has no real legislative power. Now it turns out that the race might be closer than anyone thought it might be. If it turns out that he wins by one vote, I’ll feel pretty important, I dare say.

In other election news, I found a fun site where you can see the political leanings of superheros. Man, that Batman totally has the right idea. I should have voted for him instead of all those judges….

* Mmmm…tasty…


KC said...

I become very anxious when it's time to vote for or against that long list of judges. I went ahead and voted yes for all of them, but I felt really guilty for "voting while uninformed".

Sophist said...

Holy cow, the guy won an election while a total vegetable? That situation is reminiscent of the former pope. He was secretly replaced by an animatron years.

Amelie-Freak said...

The CC Board election is strangely fishy, along with such inexcusable bloopers as one voting machine per location in some portions of the city. I, unfortunately, missed registering to vote amidst my moving chaos. Intriguing to see the cyclical changes in House and Senate, in local, state, and national elections. The question is what will come of these changes.

grrrbear said...

KC: Every year I promise myself to head over to the bar association to educate myself on judges, but never get around to it. Maybe next year... =)

Sophist: Yup, nobody even saw him while the election was happening, or even after. In fact I don't even know if they've seen him since. Come to think of it, he may be dead by now...I can't recall.

A-F: Agreed. As excited as I am that the Dems have taken both houses and already basically forced out Rummy, I'm a little nervous that they're going to go all ideological like the GOP did back in '94. Hopefully they'll just get back to the business of governing the country, and not governing morals. But I'm still just keeping my fingers crossed that this point...and it's making it very difficult to type.