On the road again

Monday I leave for two days in Vegas for work. Yeah, it's a rough life, this new gig of mine. While part of me is excited to go to Vegas for the first time, another part knows that this time will probably be prety dull since it's for work. I'm coming back in about two weeks anyway for a buddy's birthday party, and I expect that will involve significantly more "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" moments. As it is, this trip will probably involve nothing more than crazy adventures with suppliers. but since it's in vegas, part of me will always be wondering whether any of the Booth babes are actually hookers.

I'll have the laptop while I'm there, and if I have 'net access I'll keep posting. But since I expect the Monte Carlo is not all that interested in keeping guests in their rooms I might not. In which case I'll try to post all my stories when I get back on Wednesday.