PC: 1, Grrrbear: 0

Late last night I spend about an hour trying to install the latest update for iTunes. I wasn’t sure what the deal was but every time I ran the install program it cycled through installation just fine but I the program itself wouldn’t start up once it was installed. Seriously, I spent way too much time on this, uninstalling and reinstalling half-a-dozen times to no avail. As far as my PC was concerned, iTunes didn’t even exist.

By 11:00 or so I was so exhausted that I gave up and shut down my computer to go to bed. Of course, at that point the PC stopped responding entirely, and I tried to use the paddles and a snort of blow to (in the words of Motley Crue) to kick-start its heart. But still nothing. So I turned off the power supply to the PC – snuffing the very spark of life that was refusing to die with a merciless flipping of the powerstrip switch and heartless cackle of glee.

Of course, when I powered it back on again, everything ran fine. I didn’t even need to reinstall again. The PC sat there, running iTunes perfectly, as if to say “What? What are you looking at? Did *I* do something?”

I tell you, that stupid PC is going to try and strangle me in my sleep if it can ever figure out how to do it over the internet. And it wonders why I’m spending so much time with the Macbook lately…


KC said…
"...I’m spending so much time with the Macbook lately…" which is exactly why your PC is on the rampage. They're jealous animals, I tell you!
kippur said…
Pesky computers.

Hey if your new gig ever brings you to KC be sure to let me know!

There's a lovely little cabin in the country that has a guest room with your name on it. And the giant wolf spiders are all dead for the winter so you're safe.
Grafs said…
I may be a mac fangirl, but I still don't understand the mac sometimes. It can be just as pesky.