Quickie - Trucker's Chagrin

On my drive home tonight, I drove past a big semi-truck. No doubt driven by a classic example of male "compensation", it had the word "INDOMABLE" painted across the back of the cab. Sure, he didn't know how to spell indomitable* but he wasn't going to let that stop him!

No, he was going to let his truck stop him; his truck was being towed by one of the big semi tow-trucks.

So much for being indomable.

* All you running back after visiting dictionary.com and saying that indomable *is* a word, note that that definition is obsolete. Besides, it's just another form of indomitable anyway. He needs to live in the now anyway and quit using antiquated spellings - his truck is not "Ye Olde Renaissance Faire"


KC said…
You read my mind, you know. I was going to go check the dictionary to see if it was an archaic spelling. I don't have to do research now. Thanks.
grrrbear said…
Don't worry KC, I'm sure you weren't the only one. I know my people. =)