Small victories

After picking up my car again I’ve decided that I’m finished taking the car to the dealer. No matter how hard they try they simply can’t sound honest and I’m just tired of all the hassle. So I took my lunch hour yesterday to do some research, and do you know how I found a couple good candidates? That’s right – Public Radio!

Well, specifically it’s the Car Talk guys who run their own website where you can type in your zip code and get a list of shops in your area that work on your make of car. I found two of them that are reasonable close to my house and am so happy about it that I’m almost looking forward to the next time my car breaks down.

How sick is that? My relationship with the dealer has become so dysfunctional that I’m excited for the next time my car breaks down. It’s a good thing I don’t have kids or a post like this might get the surveillance folks down at Homeland Security to pass it along to DCFS.

In other news – there’s a reason that the GF is so feminine – she eats tofu. I admit that I’ve occasionally dabbled in some of her meatless stuff* and found it not awful. And I’m not too nervous about it, as the amount of estrogen in soy is nowhere near enough to overwhelm my massive levels of testosterone coursing through my veins like herds of wild and free mustangs roaming the plains of the middle-west.

Still, just in case, I think I’ll have some red meat for lunch.

* Namely veggie corn dogs and veggie boneless chicken wings, both of which are *awesome*