Smited (smote?) by the car gods again...

While running errands last night I was rear-ended by a terribly nice Polish man while stopped in traffic on a freeway. Yes, my winter-of-bad-car-Karma continues! The weird thing was it’s the second time in the past 4 months that this has happened. The last time I got tapped by a guy in a jeep but escaped with no damage, this time though, the screws in his front license plate punched two little holes in my bumper. So now I get to go through the experience of actually filing a claim with my insurance company. And to be honest, it’s gone pretty smoothly thus far*.

The guy who hit me was really nice about it, but his English was not too good. I can only hope that when my insurance company calls his insurance company he doesn’t think I hate Polish people.

Meanwhile, I’m only able to get up to 16/20 on this “Office Supply Name the Movie” game. Can anyone help me out with #2, #8, #9, and #14?**

* [sound of wood being knocked on frantically]
** Also helpful would be any ideas as to why Devil Wears Prada is a sponsor for this if they aren't any of the movies?


Anonymous said…
I only got 12/20, but I can help you with #2: does it help if I tell you the characters named on the post-its are played by Colin Firth and Hugh Grant?
grrrbear said…
Oh, of course...Honestly, I don't feel so bad about not getting that one as I don't think that film was targeted at my demographic.

Thanks for the tip!
Anonymous said…
What is it with people who can't keep their bumpers to themselves?
Kay said…
How does one see the answers? I can only get 12 as well...
grrrbear said…
All right, here are the answers as I've been able to figure them out thus far (I got two more last night):

1) Alien
2) Bridget Jones Diary
3) Edward Scissorhands
4) E.T.
5) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
6) Jaws
7) The Wizard of Oz
8) (unknown)
9) (unknown)
10) Saturday Night Fever
11) The Birds
12) Hunt For Red October
13) The Shining
14) Terminator
15) The Usual Suspects
16) This is Spinal Tap
17) Titanic
18) American Beauty
19) The Spy Who Loved Me
20) Star Wars
Anonymous said…
#8: J.Chu looked at the staple removers and figured they looked like, well, the title of this movie:
So she entered that and it worked. Seriously, who has ever heard of that movie?
grrrbear said…
Oh lord, that's ridiculous. I'm a total b-movie junkie, and even *I* haven't heard of that...

Booo, Viking Office Supply! Booo!
Anonymous said…
#9: Ok, a friend of J.Chu's sister got it. It's a totally famous movie that I haven't seen because it's supposed to be so violent. Also, the director has been a guest judge on American Idol. Because he loves that stuff. Also, he's really into violence.