Actual Dialogue Re: the Wii

Because I now lurve the Wii so much and because my birthday is coming up, the GF was asking me if there were any games I was particularly interested in. Of course, I recognized the potential for possible future birthday-presentness and started researching last night. Among the obvious contenders like Madden '07 I found a game called "Trauma Center" where you play as a doctor in a hospital, using your medical knowledge to diagnose patients and performing actual surgery on them using the Wii-mote.

I was so excited at this discovery that I called her to share the news!

GB: Hey sweetie, guess what I found!

GF: What?

GB: There's a game for the Wii where they let you play doctor and diagnose patients and stuff!

GF: There is no way I am getting that for your birthday. I'm not going to enable your already delusional expertise as a pseudo-doctor by buying you a medicine video game.

GB: Is this because you're afraid that you're going to cut yourself with a kitchen knife and I'll insist on stitching you up myself because I did it on the Wii once and "hey, how much harder could it be in real life"?

GF: Exactly.

GB: Fair enough. Maybe the football game then?

GF: Sure, that we can talk about.

It's kind of scary how well your significant other gets to know you after a couple years...


Grafs said…
I want that game!

I am trying to get Bubba a Wii for his bday. It's like finding a bank open on Sunday or something.
J.Bro said…
"Grrrbear, this is whoever the coach of the Colts is - we need a quarterback! Can you do it? I knew we could count on you! U!S!A! U!S!A!"
Sophist said…
my brother's a surgeon, maybe he would enjoy that game. Or maybe he does too much of it in real life. But hey, "Poop'n'Scoop Barbie" showed us that what is a horrible task in real life is fun in virtual life!
KC said…
Does the game buzz loudly when you try to remove a kidney? OPERATION used to freak me out as a kid because of the buzzing noise.