After months of temps in the 40’s I’m getting sick and tired of winter teasing me. My home town is finally getting some real cold this weekend and honestly I miss it so much that I seriously considered driving back home for the weekend. I *lurve* cold weather…probably more than is natural or even healthy. And when I hear about temperatures dropping into the -20’s below zero, I get all jealous of whatever part of the country is getting them.

Sure, there are aspects about living in that sort of weather that I don’t like. It’s harder to start the car in the morning*, sometimes your eyes will freeze shut, and ice on the roads causes all the people who don’t know how to drive in winter to freak out and skid all over the road. And I certainly don’t enjoy *being* cold myself. I don’t stand outside in a t-shirt and shorts, it’s not like I have a death wish. But I like bundling up and walking around when there’s fresh snow on the ground, the sun sparkles off the ice, and the only thing keeping me from hypothermia is a couple layers of thinsulate and gore-tex. Particularly when you’re out in the wilderness the sheer silence is amazing. Plus, you stand almost no chance of being hit by bird poop, since they are all frozen to trees and can’t fly.

Sadly, by the time this front reaches Chicago, it’ll have mellowed out quite a bit. The weather folks are saying that we might get down to the mid 20’s overnights. But we’ll barely get below freezing during the days.

(Sigh) – I guess it’s another year of never having to put on my real winter coat…

* If you don’t have a block heater.


KC said…
Your weather pixie looks all bundled up and toasty warm.