Because I don't have nearly enough posts with the "boobs" tag

I just read about this new beer seeing all sorts of new business in Europe. It's called "Boza" and hails from Bulgaria, which was only recently admitted to the EU. Because of this, the high taxes which had previously kept Boza out of the hands of the masses have been eliminated, allowing thousands of tourists to flood Bulgarian liquor stores looking for the stuff.

"Why all the fuss?" you ask? Simple, this beer allegedly makes women's boobs bigger. Now, personally, I'm a little skeptical. I mean, sure, if they drank enough of it, just about anyone's boobs would grow - men or women - as they slowly succumb to the obesity due to imbibing the caloric wave. But then again, all their other parts would grow too, right?

But if you want to try it, head over to this page, where you can find your own recipe* and try it yourself! But ladies should probably be ready with a new bra just in case you bust out all over, incredible-hulk style**!

* "Based on information from experienced houswives", or so the website says...
** "You *would* like me when I'm drinking! GRRRRRR!!!!!"