Thursday, January 03, 2008

Don't bother with dating, just *buy* your woman!

After being forced to watch all the crappy commercials over the holidays, I found myself getting a little irritated for some reason. Apparently, it has something to do with my not being given one of these diamond pendants this year.

What is it with *every* single diamond commercial this winter selling us the *exact* same thing? I always thought that when you get your girlfriend something, the whole point was to get something original and unique? The point of which was to get them to draw the conclusion that you think they are original and unique. Which gets them to make out with you, right?

So what message does it send when you get your girlfriend the exactly same thing that everyone is selling? "Hey baby, I love you because you're just like every other chick"? Yeah, *that's* the message I want to send... [insert eye roll here]

Thinking about this whole topic got me pondering about just how holiday advertising (and that for jewelry in particular) seems to be falling off the edge of a cliff towards a broad statements that all women are prostitutes who will only stay with you if you buy them exorbitant gifts for Xmas. There's actually a really interesting blog article out there on this topic which captures my feelings on this pretty well; so go read that, interpret those thoughts as my own, and you'll pretty much get my opinion. Bonus: it doesn't take me nearly as long to write!


KC said...

Regarding holiday sales pitches: I detest the "buy your significant other a new car for Christmas" commercials. Yeah, right. My husband would know better. I would like to pick out my own damn car, thank you very much!

The Phoenix said...

I hate all those Jared stupid.

towwas said...

I save my special deep hatred for the "every kiss begins with kay [jewelers]" commercials. Really? She's only going to kiss you if you give her diamonds? So what you're saying is...she's a whore?

And ditto kc on the new-car-for-Christmas ads. In case anyone I ever happen to marry happens to read this comment: I will also pick my own damn car.

miss shirley said...

I would be sooo pissed if my husband ever bought me a car without consulting me. In fact, I'd be pissed if he bought me diamonds. We might be able to afford a babysitter with that money!

J.Bro said...

You're all so practical - bring on my diamond-encrusted Lexus!

Andreya said...

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