Goodbye Mr. President

Well I made it back from xmas in MN and new year's at the GF's none the worse for wear, but with the same feeling of "ah crap" that we all get after that first day back at work. Even worse is that my first president, Gerald Ford, passed away while I was gone.

True, I really have no concious memories of the Ford administration. My time was largely occupied with learning how to walk, talk, and control my excretory functions, and I wasn't going to be voting for another 17 years, so I paid very little attention to the 1976 presidential race. Oddly enough, the 1980 race fascinated me - I was a big supporter of John Anderson just because I thought it was funny that a third party guy was getting so much attention. In retrospect, I probably wouldn't have been a big fan *now* but that's because I'm more of an informed voter and I can now take a bath without supervision.

The one thing I did respect about Ford though, was his longevity. The dude lived forever! He knew it too. In fact, when SNL did the skit with Dana Carvey as Tom Brokaw pre-taping the news for an extended vacation, I'm pretty sure that Ford laughed as hard as the rest of America did. Or at least as hard as I did.

And I think that's what I'll miss about Ford the most - he would laugh, unlike the current administration who would shanghai the writers off to Poland for an extended waterboarding vacation.