I'm feeling the Wii-burn

Despite the best efforts of the FedEx delivery guy* I received my Wii on Friday and had it all set up and ready to play in about a half-hour or so. After getting it set up and taking off my sweater, I ran through some bowling, some boxing, come baseball, and a little tennis before the GF showed up and promptly proceeded to kick-ass at Tennis. Seriously, she’s really good.

Unfortunately, most of my weekend was spent in a conference retreat for the theater company, so I didn’t get to Wii as much as I had hoped. But even with just a couple hours of playing Saturday and Sunday night I can feel a little soreness in my back, arms, and shoulders. Boxing is definitely the best workout; it’s sort of like Tae Bo, except without the spandex. Tennis is probably second best after that. I’m going to Wii tonight after work and see how my Wii Age is doing. Wii Sports has this application where it runs you through some tests using three of the games to test your speed, balance, and agility and come up with an approximate “age”. Currently, mine is around 36** but I’m going to test again tonight and I’ll let ya’ll know where I end up.

In other news this weekend, I got the first movies from my free Netflix trial this weekend. Sadly, Talladega Nights was deeply disappointing for both me and the GF. We pretty much concluded that it was an attempt by Will Ferrell to make a movie with a bunch of his friends and to do it for free by selling enough product placements to cover the entire financing. And despite all the references to boobs and how great they are in the script, there wasn't even one actual shot of them, with or without a bikini top. Sadly, this will mandate the use of another "disappointment" tag on this post.

* Who obviously has a difficult time differentiating points of the compass. I told him to leave it behind the gate on the east side of my building (which I left unlocked just for this occasion). He instead dropped it about 8 feet behind the fence on the west side of the building, making it necessary for me to climb over three air conditioners, through the tangled overgrowth and scraping past the gas meters in order to retrieve it. Nice to know that FedEx trusts him to navigate around the greater Chicago-land area all by himself when he doesn’t understand the difference between east and west…
** The GF came in at something like 54, but I think that was due more to the fact that she hadn’t played Wii baseball before and was struggling to get the timing down than to any actual advanced inner age.


Spice said…
I was pleasantly surprised by Talladega Nights, maybe because I had such low expectations. Shake 'n' Bake!

If you stick with Netflix, you should join the blogring Netflix connection through with J.Bro, Ole, TOWWAS and I can all make fun of each others' queues.
The Phoenix said…
Cool. so how did you get the Wii???
towwas said…
Oh yeah, you should definitely be our Netflix friend. That's good times. Although, despite all the friendy excellence, I've been kind of tempted by the Blockbuster deal lately.
KC said…
Very interesting Wii coverage, Grrrbear! Now I really really want to get one for The Boy. I may even let him put it in the family TV room instead of relegating it to his room (where he only has a tiny tv). I want to play Wii tennis!
grrrbear said…
Spice/towwas: Yeah, I'll think about it. Although you don't exactly sell the idea with your promises of making fun of my queue. Plus, then you'd see all the porn I'd be putting in it.

Phoenix: I took the easy way out and went to Ebay. I figure it's worth paying up a little not to have to worry about waking up at 6:00am on a Sunday to get in line and wait for a voucher that may or may not be there.

KC: Totally put it in the family room. Trust me, you'll want to play as much as the Boy.