New Year, New Look

I've decided to compensate for the lack of winter weather here by switching up templates to one with a white background. If I can't have white snow on the ground at least I can emulate the effect on something I look at frequently. Plus, it has the additional benefit of providing an environment where I can more easily use my natural pastiness to camouflage myself against it's overhwelming whiteness. Plus, I'm sure TOWWAS will be excited I finally reverted back to a black text on while background format, so maybe she'll start reading again instead of simply assuming that all my posts involve lingerie, some TV show she doesn't watch, or sweeping over-generalizations of feminine behavior*.

Of course, like any big change, it doesn't come easily. While I pretty much knew where all the HTML code pointed to in my old template I didn't have it memorized, so when I switched templates I suddenly found myself having to face the task of looking up everyone's blogs on Google to find the URLs again**. Thank goodness for Googles cache of my old template. Woot!

The sad thing it how going through this work has really highlighted how much change has happened lately. Many of my old favorite blogs and bloggers have either disappeared*** or been harassed into abandoning their sites for a more covert/offline existance****. Still more have just become uninteresting or skewed in one direction, so I cut them all off, to give you, my 10-15 daily readers, a selection of links that are again worth your while.

It's weird how all this work has me thinking about transitions in life generally. Like at work, for example - I'm no longer the young Turk, rebelling at authority and questioning the system purely for the sake of being provocative. I've been working there for almost 10 years now and am pretty settled into the "old people who've been around the block and know what's going on" group of 30-somethings. And as I was walking through the cafeteria on Friday, it hit me that I don't know the vast majority of people who work there anymore - even the young folks.

Not that I really mind being with one company for a decade - it's just sort of weird to one day suddenly realize how life moves on without you if you're not paying attention.

* Did you know they *all* love shopping? No, really!
** Yes, I know that Blogger saves my old template *somewhere* but I really wsn't in the bood to go learning anymore more today thankyouverymuch.
*** Waiter Rant, Pork Tornado
**** Nowhere Girl


towwas said…
Yeah, you know me. The first thing I thought when I saw it was, yay, no more black background! Also, I kind of love shopping. Sometimes.
Jennifer said…
i still haven't updated my profile because that warning keeps popping up that i'm going to lose my template, and yes, they'll SAVE it for me somewhere, but i'm such a luddite with these things... it was enough to set it up the first time...

send me word, neighbor. tell me how you're doing. you are missed!

J.Bro said…
I think the Waiterrant guy is writing a book. Or maybe that's the bouncer dude.

Where's my book deal, publishing companies of America? I'm shaking my fist at you!
grrrbear said…
J.Bro - Yeah, the waiter has actually left the restaurant he was working at since he got the book deal. I just re-found his site yesterday and re-added the link. So much to catch up on...

As for me, I seriously doubt my book deal is forthcoming. I'm holding out for an animated series!
I'm hoping to become a parody of a parody of a parody...somewhere toward infinity. You know, the sort of thing that's funny, but you have no idea where it came from...

Yes. That's mighty appealing.