Quickie - I *KNEW* it!!!

As much as I love animals, I can't stand PETA. Sure, they try to promote the right things, but they way they do it is just so darn confrontational that I think it goes about things all the wrong way. Sure, I want to make sure that cows around the world lead long and productive lives; frolicking in open pastures, contributing to cow society, writing great works of cow literature. It's just that once that's all done, I want to eat them in a nice peppercorn sauce with some garlic mashed potatoes and perhaps some asparagus.

I've long suspected that PETA doesn't always play by its own rules of course. Nobody that comes up with tactics that crazy is being run by stable and thoughtful people. And now it turns out that I was right all along! A pair of PETA workers in North Carolina were arrested for dumping the bodies of cats and dogs in the dumpster behind the local Piggly Wiggly. It turns out that the local PETA chapter was rounding up stray cats and dogs from local shelters and then euthanizing them because they couldn't find them homes. PETA honchos are saying that it's because "it's better to euthanize them than to let them sit in shelters, where they get mistreated".

Needless to say, this doens't really jive well with the statistics. Nationwide about half of all animals in shelters are adopted*. But 83% of the animals PETA took were killed, which seems sort of hypocritical on PETAs part. I know, I know... "So many stray pets, so little time for euthanizing", right PETA?

As Grafs might say: What a bunch of 'tards...

* According to the National Humane Society (quoted in the article)


Grafs said…
What a bunch of 'tards!


But seriously, that's like saying: If we can't have them, nobody can. Ridiculous.