Quickie - Just ducking back into the office for a day

I just got back home last night from a long weekend with the GF. I had a business trip out to Southern California so I brought her along since her family lives out there. Had lots of fun playing tourist and had the best birthday *ever* at Disneyland for my first time.

I'll fill in in more stories later, right now I need to get at all my catchup work before leaving on another business trip tomorrow.


KC said…
Last night while watching TV with the hubby, a commercial came on for Disney World. I got so excited! I was bouncing up and down on the sofa. Hubby looked at me and said, "Aren't you a little too old to be getting excited about Disney World?". Well, I probably am too old, but I remember how much I enjoyed it when I was younger. So much fun! Anyway, he went on to say, "Put away your dreams of Disney World. After The Boy gets out of college, we'll send you to England." Wow! That's even better than Disney World!