A whole new world!

Well I finally moved everything over to the new Blogger this week* and while I haven’t made any huge tweaks to the template, I expect to make some later on this week, or over the weekend as I discover new and interesting tweaks to make. I’m hoping for one where I can hypnotize all readers of my blog into obeying my every command.

Of course, that power would be incredibly limited, and shrink with each passing day. I have come to the realization that apparently I’ve lost about half the readers I had about a year ago. I can only attribute this to the lack of any new Virgin Mary images appearing in my neighborhood, a sudden dropoff in searches for “Debra Lafave yummy”, and the fact that my life isn’t all that interesting to strangers. Basically, if you’re here now and you don’t know me personally, then this is trend is blogciety’s way of telling you there is something wrong with you.

I think the most difficult thing about new blogger is going to be all the pressure it puts on you to come up with “tags” for each post. I barely understand what I’m talking about on any given day, how am I supposed to distill it down into two or three pithy little words/phrases that capture the essence of my daily thought process? Not to mention how much work it will be to go back through the archives and do it again and again for all the old stuff**.

Boy, this and taxes are coming later this month. 2007 is already looking like a long year.

* And yes, I *have* been having problems with getting stuff to publish – even Blogger for Word doesn't help.
** I haven’t started this yet, but I’m guessing “boobs” will be a frequent tag, and I don’t even have ‘em. This will only prove to the casual reader that most of my posts are about topics I know nothing about.


KC said…
"Basically, if you’re here now and you don’t know me personally, then this is trend is blogciety’s way of telling you there is something wrong with you." OK. I thought I was just lonely. And bored.

I'm going to keep reading anyway, even if there is "something wrong" with me. heehee
grrrbear said…
Don't worry KC. I figure something's wrong with me too.

See, the way I see it is that my blog is like PCP (aka "Angel Dust"). It's the one that you hear about but you can't ever find someone who's actually used it (except Helen Hunt*).

Comparably, Dooce is like marijuana (almost everyone's done it, even your mom), gofugyourself is heroin (lots of people do it but they are all richer and way skinnier than you), and cuteoverload is crack cocaine (OMG PON1ES, GIMME ANOTHER HIT-O-DA-CUTENESS!!!!).

* Witness: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eZP_U7FVco <-that is *exactly* what happens when you read my blog with a sceezy olda-boy in a HS chemistry lab.
KC said…
Oh! Your comment reminded me that I haven't had a "hit-a-da-cuteness" in a while. Time to stop over there and see if there are any new kitty pictures. I'll bet there are!