Every city has its passion

Flying back from Long Island, I was sitting in the gate area killing time. I've decided that I'm a big fan of the Islip airport - it's big and roomy, security is quick and efficient, and it's not packed with people like the other airports near NYC. As I was sitting there, I looked over the collection of art posted on the walls.

I like to think that one can glean some insight about a city by the art they put up in their airport. O'Hare, for example is full of urban murals and abstract, contemporary art. It's perfect for how the city likes to see itself as a city of modern art and unique urban neighborhoods. Minneapolis/St. Paul on the other hand, uses its airport art to convey an air of north woods and city sophistication.

Islip, it seems, is proud to display it's love of boobs. Wall after wall is covered with posters of various festivals and marches and event days dedicated to wiping it off the face of the planet. As much as this is a noble cause, it kind of bordered on obsession*.

Anyway, one of the posters in particular caught my attention:

Granted, it's sort of fuzzy, but you get the idea - a poster about the Breast cancer drive printed with a picture of two fuzzy dandelions...dandelions that just happen to look like a torso and a giant pair of boobs. Intentional? Or freudian slip?

You...make the call!

* Probably because of all the chemical plants on Long Island, which have results in the women of that area having a significantly higher rate of breast cancer than the rest of the country.


Sophist said…
Definitely intentional! circle circle dot dot