I haven't seen Julia Roberts yet, though

Today I'm blogging from beautiful Long Island, NY - where the streets are winding and the street signs are microscopic. Seriously, it's like they don't want anyone to know what the streets are called...I suspect that the point is to get people from out of town to drive down wrong streets until they fall into huge pit traps dug in the roads, full of spikes and covered with sticks and leaves.

The flight out was pretty awesome though. I flew Southwest into Islip - and typically, I loathe flying Southwest because it's always full of tourists and other people who don't know anything about flying* but this one was great because there was only 17 people on the plane. So I had a whole row to myself...sweeeet...

After finishing my meetings, I went to check into my hotel for the night. That was when I discovered that my hotel is obviously where the rich married guys from the Hamptons bring their hookers/girlfriends for "interludes". As I made my way over to the registration desk where a guy was talking with the desk clerk, I overheard the following conversation:

Guy: "...I used the music function on the television, but then when I went to check out via the TV it wouldn't let me!
Clerk: "So you listened to the music by accident? We can remove that from your bill, no problem, sir."
Guy: "No, I wanted to listen to the music but now I want to check out."
Clerk: "But sir, you only checked in a couple hours ago..."
Guy: "Yeah, I know, and now I want to check out!"

Go figure. Not that it bothers me, really. I went down and took a swim in the pool before snagging free dinner in the concierge lounge. One benefit for earning Silver Elite status with this particular chain, I suppose. Still, this is my last trip for a month or so, which will be nice. I'm looking forward to actually being in Chicago for a while.

*"What do you mean I need to have a boarding pass to go through security? Why is the alarm going off? It can't be my jewelry, I'm only wearing four earrings, eight rings, and three necklaces! Oooh! Honey, they're starting to board, I know it's 1.5 hours until boarding, but let's go stand up in line for Group A so we can be first!"