Let the Marilyn Monroe comparisons begin!

Anna Nicole Smith was found dead in her hotel room this afternoon. On the one hand, I could never understand her life the last few years, what with all the "Like my body?" blabbering and the drama with her ex-husband's family in that lawsuit to the death of her son under mysterious circumstances and the paternity suits over her latest child*. I never watched a single episode of "The Anna Nicole Show" simply because listening to her talk caused me physical pain.

Despite this, I am a little sad today after hearing the news because whatever else you may think about her, in the 1990s she was hot, hot, hot. My high school self found her ads for Guess? to be simply the greatest examples of photography EVAR. not just because she was pretty, but she was the first model in years to actually have some real curves - like the pinup girls of the old days. And that was refreshing, because it game me hope that maybe anorexia would go away, and the hot chicks of America would rediscover their hidden beauty thanks to the rediscovery of fried chicken and milkshakes. I never actually saw her Playboy issues, though because I was too young to buy them then and I'd be too embarrassed to throw down money on eBay to buy them now**.

Anyway, apparently the pressure was too much. And now I'm sitting here feeling sad about lost potential and a little depressed at the forthcoming wave of specials on E! and VH1 and Access Hollywood detailing all the sorded details of her life, followed by made-for-tv movies galore in a tabloid television free-for-all not seen since Amy Fischer.

(sigh)...Thank God for the Wii and Discovery Channel.

* Seriously, it was crazy, if you want the details go to Wikipedia.
** Especially given the death premium they'll be fetching now, along with the autographed pictures, baseballs, floorboards, and (of course) underwear. Oh, and don't forget your magnetic ribbon! "Support Anna Nicole awareness!"


towwas said…
Oh, my gosh. That magnet is somethin else.
KC said…
I also felt sad when I heard the news, although I've never been a fan of hers and never saw her show and can't remember the Guess? ads. It just seems sad for someone so young to die. Especially after the rough year she's had.
J.Bro said…
I'm going to have to disagree on the hot, hot, hot front - even during the heady bunny days, she was just too phony-looking for teenage me to think of her as anything other than a walking plastic barbie doll.
Sophist said…
I appreciate the links to all the pix. She was pretty freaking bodacious. I like Anna as the Guess girl more than that Paris Ho-ton. Although secretly I enjoyed the Paris pictures very much, too.