Let the rioting begin!

Well, the Bears lost. But, honestly, I can't say I'm all that disappointed. There are a variety of reasons for this, but here's a sampling:
  • I'm still a Vikings fan, and I am still bitter about a division rival getting to the Super Bowl. Besides, now Bears fans will get a taste of the disappointment I feel every year.
  • Maybe now I'll stop hearing everyone out here talk about how Rex Grossman would be a great QB if he could only stay healthy for a season.
  • I like Peyton Manning (6'5", laser, rocket arm, mustache) and Tony Dungy (ex-Viking Coach and ex-Gopher) and think they deserve it.
  • The Colts are just a more complete team.
Oh, and by the way, I hate those "Real California Cheese" ads. California is ruining cheese just like they ruined movies. Those cows in the ads aren't "happy" - they're high on ecstasy.


towwas said…
I was pulling for the Bears. 'Cause, like, Indianapolis. What's in Indianapolis? Who goes there? It's just weird. I also spent a fair bit of time watching the Puppy Bowl, although I never managed to catch the Kitten Halftime Show. :(
glacierdad said…
We at home were going for the guy with the "Laser Rocket Arm". And of course former Viking coaching, ex-gopher (and as some of my students have said, former Steeler).

Although I wouldn't have been disappointed if the Bears actually won, I do think it is nice that Bears' fans get to sulk like the rest of us Viking Fans.
grrrbear said…
Towwas: Don't worry, I'm sure there will be multiple re-airings of the Puppy Bowl, complete with halftime show, over the next couple weeks. I saw it and have to admit there's one kitten who seems determined to kick all the other kitten's asses.

Glacierdad: No doubt, I'm having a hard time rubbing it in with the die-hards here, but I know better. besides, I don't want to set myself up for when the Bears crush MN again next year.
towwas said…
Unfortunately, I think that was my only chance for the kitten show - I don't have cable. :(