Quickie - Because the best parts are the ads

Just saw the Coca-Cola "Celebrating Black History" ad. Am I the only one who noticed that the most recent event they mentioned was from the 60's?

Is the subtext here that "Coke celebrates blacks, but doesn't think they've done anything worth mentioning in the last 40 years"?

Only thing left now is to wait for the firestorm of controversy... either that or nobody else will notice.


Spice said…
That ad was also nicely juxtaposed with the book reviewed in the NYT today about how Pepsi was actually the pioneer in terms of targeting and hiring people in the African-American community.
towwas said…
Yeah, wasn't that weird? There was another, non-coke, black history ad too. I think they were referring to the fact that both teams had African-American head coaches (a superbowl first).