Quickie - Because J.Bro lurves the denim

Just when I think that J.Bro has the world cornered on exotic denim, I find that there is an entire blog devoted to selling Brazilian denim in every shape, size, and color.

Even better is the Google-translated version. "Pants 5 pockets, with torn filigrana of the proper pocket, drawn resin from mustaches, beaten well in the laudering.", for example.

As an aside - is it just me, or does everyone in Brazil have a great butt? I mean, if those models are anything to go by they are exporting the wrong product. Hey Brazil! Less rain forest wood, more butt models!


J.Bro said…
Blogspot seems like an odd choice for your online clothing store.

Still, you don't need a good website when you're selling denim overall short-shorts! Which (possibly) have measuring-tape straps!

towwas said…
When I was in Brazil, my friends wanted me to get some Brazilian jeans. My jeans were just too loose and too high in the waist. (By Brazilian standards - by U.S. standards, these jeans are entirely acceptable.) But seriously, my ass was just not up to those jeans.
Grafs said…
I hadn't noticed the butt phenomenon, but if it's true, I'm with you. There is nothing worse in the world than a flat ass.
kippur said…
At's a lotta denim.

Mmmmm Brazil.
Sophist said…
The gym I used to go to had a special "Brazilian Butt Workout" class. It was 1 hour of butt exercises. I wonder if the trainer who ran the class was actually Brazilian, or if it was just an aspirational name? Never found out.