Sunday, February 04, 2007

Quickie - Well, that didn't suck

I've never been a fan of the NFL's "extravaganza" approach to the Super Bowl halftime show. Honestly, unless Janet Jackson is flashing the world, I really loathe it. But this year I have to give Prince props for possibly the best halftime show I've ever seen. First off because he did a great set, but also because he didn't wuss out and perform under some sort of rain tent due to the downpour. In fact, he rocked out until he was completely soaked.

Frankly, given how he's always protrayed as kind of a diva, I'm pleasantly surprised. You go homeboy.


towwas said...

Dude. His dancers were performing the dumbest choreography this side of an 8th grade talent show, and he was performing on a giant lit-up Prince symbol. Admit it, you only liked it because he's from Minnesota.

glacierdad said...

I was actually impressed, like you grrrbear, because he wasn't under a tent. I mean, he was actually in the rain!

But I wonder how the half-time show translated for younger viewers. I had several students (middle school and high school) that thought the "Fresh Prince" was performing. I bet they were disappointed.

grrrbear said...

Well, yeah, he's from MN but I really like Prince regardless. And it's the Super Bowl, so no matter who played they would have been playing on a large, oddly-shaped platform anyway, so why *not* a Prince symbol?

I *will* agree that the "choreography" of the dancers was more seizure than rapture, tho...

Isn't the Fresh Prince almost as old as Not-so-Fresh Prince?