The secrets they keep

Up until now, I always presumed that the "Concierge Level" of most hotels was something out of high society - a floor where well-dressed people hob-nobbed in elite circles and noshed on fancy hors d'ourves and talked big business or negotiated lucrative Hollywood contracts.

Guess who's disappointed?

Breakfast this morning was pretty much what I expected - lots of business folks in suits grabbing a quick bite to eat before heading off to their morning meetings *. But last night, as I was sitting in the lounge going over some paperwork I was beholden to a parade of overweight balding men in sweatpants who sauntered through the lounge, breathing heavily and helping themselves to heaping plates full of egg rolls.

Guess who was disappointed again?

Oh well, at least the food was free. Beats paying $15 for breakfast cereal from room service.

* Just like me, except I'm not wearing a suit.


towwas said…
Balding men in sweatpants? Yeah...that's totally disappointing, you're right. Just as well I will never, ever get into the concierge level of anything.
Spice said…
Once some friend and I ended up on the frou-frou floor at a fancy Chicago hotel for an academic conference. When we went to the free breakfast, one of the professors from our department was there. She, very surprised to see us, said "We must be paying our graduate students more than I thought!" Of course, she didn't realize that we were only there because we agreed to have four people sleep in the living room of a suite, into which they pulled rollout beds. Fun! I have to say it was awesome to get to use a special elevator, though.
J.Bro said…
I hope they were wearing sweat-stained tank-top undershirts tucked into those sweatpants, or my holier-than-them daydreams are shattered.

Hey, Lady of the Ever-shifting Avatars: I'm almost positive that I can guess who that faculty member was. Would GS be the right initials? MM is my backup guess.
Sophist said…
The description of the balding men is priceless. I can hear their heavy breathing. Ewwwwwwwww. Hope no hairy butt-cracks were witnessed.