I need a vacation from my vacation...

Well, the trip to NYC was amazingly fun, but could best be described as “whirlwind”. Both the GF and I had 3-5 friends (each) that we wanted to meet up with. And, naturally, by this point, we know enough of each other’s friends that we look forward to meeting the other’s friends too – so it makes it hard to split up. But between all the running around meeting up with folks for drinks and/or dinner we managed to walk around two areas of the city I’d never visited before (Harlem and Prospect Park), get really drunk at McSorley’s*, wander through neat little neighborhoods, and enjoy some really good food.

And then apparently the GF and I were on a plane full of plague, because we’ve both got colds now. So much for my belief that airborne made me immune from all disease. Then when we got back in the car to head home, I was startled by a scary-sounding squeal emanating from under my hood. I dropped the GF off at work before heading over to my new mechanic** who fixed it with a pair of new clamps for my first car repair under $100 in years.

Since then (Tuesday) I’ve been swept up in a work-craziness storm prepping for a big presentation yesterday. It went well, but now there’s all the catching up to do on all the stuff I’ve been putting off for weeks. Not to mention all the blogging I’ve missed. But now things should settle down for a while so I should be back in the saddle again.

* Where I apparently regaled the table with a stirring rendition of Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy” after losing a bet and drunk-dialed my friend A.Yo’s new guy to tell him how great she is.
** Thanks Car Talk website! No more over-inflated auto dealer repair bills, yay!


KC said…
Drunk-dialing friends of friends? Wow. That is drunk! I hope he took it well.

Sounds like you had a great time! If my son gets accepted at NYU, I guess I'll probably be making a trip there. Otherwise, my next trip is in April to New Orleans. I'm looking forward to it!