It's like my own personal episode of "How That's Made"!

Yesterday I had to fly out to Los Angeles for work. Today I get to go wander around the floor of a trade show for the entire day*. Then, tomorrow, I get to take a tour of the factory where they make F/A-18 fighter jets for the Navy. I cannot tell you *how* excited I am for that! I mean, sure, I need to sit through a half-day of lectures on "The Machining of Composite Materials" before I get to go, but that's a small price to pay.

The information that the show sent out about the tour indicated that in order to get in I need to be a citizen and bring "necessary documents to prove U.S. citizenship". But yesterday I had forgot to bring my passport, so I called the information number of the association running the show to ask what exactly they meant by "proof". The woman told me that I could use my driver's license, but I was skeptical. I mean, I *know* that a driver's license only proves residency - not that I'm an expert, but I remember when I got my passport that my driver's license did not count as proof of citizenship**.

So I left work a little early to drive home and grab my passport. Sure, it's probably overkill, but on the off chance that I'm right - I might be the only person who's able to go to on the tour! I've already imagining getting to go on a test flight of one of the freshly-baked fighter jets***!

Of course, I was taking a little bit of a risk that traffic would be bad on the way out to O'Hare and I'd miss my flight. But true to form, all the flights from O'Hare to LAX were delayed by 2 hours, so not only did I have plenty of time to get to my flight, but I also had plenty of time to walk all the way to the end of three legs of the terminal, as the flight was bounced from Gate H9, to K18, to L8. Sheesh...

At least I got a nice walk in before I left.

* Anyone want to take bets on the over/under for the number booth babes I encounter?
** Hence why I had to send in my birth certificate.
*** ZOOOOMMM!!!!! Wheeee!


Jay said…
Well goodness, I hope it all proves to be worthwhile!