New York Story

I completely forgot to share a funny anecdote from the NYC trip. The GF and I met up with her friend (who was our Ecuadorian Tour Guide when we were down there) and my friend who has the awesome New York Show Saturday afternoon. We decided to walk around Central Park a little. It was a nice enough day and lots of people were out enjoying the warm weather*. As we were walking, I overheard a group of about 4-5 kids who looked to be in their mid- to late-teens walking behind us. Their conversation went something like this:
Girl #1: You know what I just learned? When you have the letters "L" and "K" next to each other in a word, you don't pronounce both of them - you just say the "K". So words like "folk" aren't pronounced "fowlk" it's just "foke". Isn't that weird?

Guy #1: Oh yeah, I just figured that out too.

Now, my theory was that the guy was just saying that in order to get with the girl. You know, playing the whole "sympathy will lead to 'he's-the-only-one-who-understands-me' sex" thing**. Either that, or they were a bunch of kids from Europe on vacation.

Either way. I pretty much laughed about it for the next three minutes.

* Before it vanished suddenly around 2:30 that afternoon.
** Let me tell you kid. It doesn't work.


towwas said…
In Norwegian, the word "folk" is pronounced with the "l." But in Telemark (where I was dancing and being a dork), "l" sounds more like "r" so they say "fork." This makes me laugh.
Grafs said…
Geeze...Well at least they're TRYING to think.
J.Bro said…
I'm sorry - what's this with the l and the k?