Quickie - Good thing they wear the sashes!

I know that everyone in a beauty pagent pretty much all look alike, but is it just me, or are they now becoming clones of each other? Take, for example, Ms Arizona and Ms. Arkansas - both of whom are competing in the Miss USA pagent:
Honestly, with the small exception for Ms. Arkansas' slightly more poofy hair - I'd never be able to differentiate them on the street.
Because obviously, they would both be wearing this particular outfit if I walked past them on Michigan Avenue. I mean, what else do pagent-women wear if not bikinis? And I bet they sleep in heels...


J.Bro said…
I imagine it's the same deal for the poor, poor six-year-olds at child beauty pageants, but it would make me too depressed to google image-search to verify it. We all know I'm right, right? Right.