Think your boss is bad?

Back when I was in high school and college* I was a huge theater geek. I was an actor, I did set design/light design, I helped with props and costumes, I stage managed...but what I really did was direct. Directing a theater production is incredibly difficult because it is really hard to communicate your ideas correctly without seeming hyper-critical or obsessed with minutae.

During the three years of undergrad when I was doing theater** I either directed or assistant directed about 11 shows and a bunch of other smaller scene-stuff. During this time, I pretty much learned that I wasn't really a terribly good director. Mostly because I didn't have enough time to put in the work it needed but also because I lacked the serious training in how to do it.

But when I saw this "behind the scenes" footage of David O. Russell directing Lilly Tomlin in I Heart Huckabees, I felt a lot better about myself. I may have not been the best, but I never yelled at people like that. Maybe there's hope for my movie career yet!

Next stop...Hollywood!

* But not so much in grad school. For some reason business schools don't really provide a lot of support for extra-curriculars except those involving fund-raising.
** No directing freshman year, in fact I basically took off the whole year from theater.


KC said…
I am in awe of good directors. And good actors. Oh, OK, good theatre cast/crew in general. I have no training for it, but I do as much volunteer work as I can to support theatre. I can't imagine how blue I'd be if I didn't have theatre in my life. It's in the blood, ya know!
towwas said…
Yeah, the director of the Christmas Show is amazing. I have no idea how she does it, but every year she wrangles 80-plus people, ages 7 to 70-mumble, into this amazing show. And without yelling at people (other than, occasionally, for the teens to shut up).
Grafs said…
Yeah, I saw this video. She really was complaining a lot, so eh. Maybe she had it coming. I do what Bubba says when he's directing. I'm his Linda Hamilton :)
grrrbear said…
Maybe she was being a little bit of a diva, but in my experience the director has to maintain control at all times. If the director can't control himself how can he control a production?

Besides, using the c-word just makes him sound like a drunk frat-boy.