This is why I don't live in Lincoln Park

Today being day 1 of March madness, I'm playing host to my buddy T.Ma for the weekend. He arrived this afternoon and we headed down to pick up some lunch and watch the first round. Frankly, it wasn't all that interesting. The games went according to plan, for the most part, and therefore my bracket was shot all to heck by about 2:00 this afternoon.

I have mixed feelings about March Madness, honestly. On the one hand, I like having T.Ma come into town every year and getting to hang out like we did when I was in Cleveland. And I even like watching college basketball for an intermediate amount of time. But there are two problems: first, there is so *much* friggin basketball! I mean it never ends! At all times of the day there are like 3-4 games going on at once. I'm usually able to handle the first 7-9 hours okay, but I simply cannot bear to watch the 9:00 games. I just check out and start peoplewatching.

On that note, the other thing I hate about March Madness is how you always have to go out to the bars to watch it properly. It's nearly impossible to watch more than one game at a time anywhere *but* a sports bar. And sports bars become gathering places for the frat-boy bohunks this time of year in particular. At which point I get to enjoy overhearing them use the word "fuck" and all it's derivatives as though they were 12 and had just discovered how to use it corectly. Or, as tonight, I get to hear them treat their girlfriends like crap - like the group that arrived after the Ohio state game who proceeded to order beer and try to do so for the group of 4-5 women who had arrived with them by asking "Hey, someone ask the snatches what they want to drink!". I kept waiting for one of said "Snatches" to start beating them with a billy club* but none was forthcoming. That's when I remembered that I wasn't at OAM anymore. And I sort of missed it.

(Sigh). Only another three days to go...

* Or taser them, either would have been fine, really.


J.Bro said…
I watched the WI game at State Street's largest sports bar with so many people that I had to stand in line for most of the first half (I wanted to be upstairs where my group was, but upstairs was already past capacity). Around 10 minutes into the game, there was a second line forming outside on the street - apparently the whole establishment was at capacity now.

The Badgers played Texas A&M....Corpus Christi. A team everyone thought we be confused by all the bright lights and bottled water. When WI started to lose, badly, there was more anger and vitriol in that bar than I've ever experienced at a sporting event.
Sophist said…
My old department used to have an enormous March Madness pool where the prize was pretty big money because so many people got in on it. One year a woman decided to create her bracket using a couple of simple rules, including any school with "University" in it's name would win in a match-up, and if both had "University" in their name, she had some other arbitrary rule (can't remember). She won the pool, of course, and all these people got super bitter because she "wasn't a real fan". People get very serious about their March Madness!