Apparently, I write like a girl

Recently I stumbled on the Gender Genie tool, which apparently uses some sort of magical algorythms to examine whether text was written by a male or a female. Since I lurve testing the wits of computers and have plenty of samples of my writing on this blog, I plugged in the last week's worth (or so) to see how it did.

Needless to say, apparently, I'm a woman.

Date Words F-Score M-Score Result
19-Apr 486 860 645 F
18-Apr 357 550 321 M
17-Apr 330 378 366 F
16-Apr 534 806 704 F
13-Apr 402 272 586 M
12-Apr 589 939 831 F
10-Apr 774 1120 936 F

Out of the seven posts I ran through the genie - it only identified me as a male twice. What's more, on the posts with more than 500 words (where it claims to be "most effective") it called me female every time. I'm not sure how to take this. I think I'll just chalk it up to being "in touch with my feminine side", since I'm really not qualified at all to be an actual woman.


Last night a friend and I went to see the Body Worlds 2 exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry. Because we did the weeknight showing, it wasn't nearly as packed as it would be on the weekend. While the exhibit itself was amazing there was one part of it that was a little irritating - we were surrounded by medical students. Apparently, some med school cohort had decided to do a group tour at the same time we had our tickets, so while I'm trying to feel smart about what I know about anatomy, I'm surrounded by people talking about how they "hate questions about infarctions on exams" and "there's the first cervical nerve*!".

Show offs...

*While perusing their anatomy textbook which they had just happened to have brought with them


Spice said…
I tried three blog posts and came up 2/3 male. But then, I'm not really convinced that 'the' is a male word! Kind of hard to avoid using that one!
towwas said…
Heh. That thing has no idea what gender I am. I found a freelance story I did last year online, posted the first page in, and it came up with female (the correct answer). Then I posted the next page in, and it came up with male. It had about the same success rate with my blog posts.