Lord only knows what sort of games will be played at the party itself...

Tomorrow afternoon I throw all semblance of masculinity to the wind and attend my very first baby shower. Now, obviously, this is not the first time a friend of mine has been expecting* but it is the first time I’ve actually been invited to a shower. In my mind, this is because the thought of sitting around in a semicircle squealing about the overwhelming cuteness at the unveiling of each new onesie sounds about as much fun as watching a full weekend of “I Love New York” marathons on VH1**.

But the parents-to-be are good friends of mine, and I’ve been informed that a) I won’t be the only guy there and b) there will be lots of free food. So I’m feeling a little more optimistic about the whole thing. I mean, I’m pretty sure that my maxim of “if there’s cake – there’s fun” will hold up, even under such extreme conditions as those present in a baby shower.

Now the only real question is what to get for the kid? Yes, I know I should’ve gone to their registry online and had it mailed weeks ago, but in true “guy going shopping for someone else” fashion*** I’ve been procrastinating. Looks like I’ll be stopping by Target on the way home and frantically searching the baby section for something on the list.

Note to self...make sure whatever I pick up is non-toxic and lacks sharp edges...

* That would have been when I was in high school. Hooray for abstinence-only sex-ed!
** For some reason, the GF loves this show. The last time she turned it on at my house however, I left the room after about 30 seconds. Apparently, this was perceived as me making an ass of myself. That may be true, but at least she changed the channel.
*** There the rule is that if I’m buying something for myself I’ll take weeks to research all my options, visit multiple stores looking for the best price and selection, and only make the actual purchase after a pre-determined amount of time that is directly proportional to the amount of money being spent. Buying something for someone else however usually involves waiting to the last minute and typically picking up something on the way to the party. In this case however, I doubt buying a nice bottle of wine would be appropriate.